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Delivering Comprehensive Care with Cat & Dog Diagnostics in Abilene, TX

When a physical exam is insufficient for diagnosing your dog or cat, the team at Dearing Veterinary Clinic can provide comprehensive diagnostic services to gain a better understanding of your pet’s condition. Our clinic is equipped with high-quality technology for obtaining test results efficiently and making a more accurate diagnosis, so we can create a treatment plan to best suit your pet’s specific needs.

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How We Use Our In-House Laboratory

Our clinic utilizes IDEXX Veterinary lab stations in our in-house lab, which allows us to perform a thorough exam for your pet to ensure there are no underlying issues. We use this equipment in a variety of situations, performing routine tests such as blood chemistry, blood panel, and CBC (complete blood count).

The results of these tests deliver important information which can help our team know if there is an underlying problem involving your pet’s health. Our in-house laboratory also allows us to receive accurate results in a timely manner and create an appropriate treatment plan for urgent medical cases.

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Our team uses endoscopes, fiber optic scopes, and human-grade medical scopes with small cameras that can be inserted in the nasal cavity or mouth so we can see what is going on inside. This low-risk procedure requires pets to be placed under anesthesia and provides our team with an additional technique for finding underlying issues that could be a sign of a bigger health problem.

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Dearing Veterinary Clinic also has high-grade ultrasound technology to use in a variety of situations, including reproductive care. Ultrasound provides us with information about the function of your pet’s abdominal organs. This is yet another timely and non-invasive method of analysis, which can be used to detect any abnormalities of the soft tissue organs and blood vessels.

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Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays aid our team in evaluating the bones, joints, and chest cavity of your dog or cat and provide clear images to check for fractures, inflammation, and other orthopedic issues. Digital X-rays are not only helpful but also safe, painless, and non-invasive.

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