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Providing Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Abilene, TX

At Dearing Veterinary Clinic, we want to help your pet put their best paw forward and that means administering cat and dog vaccines to help protect against illness and disease. We are committed to creating a vaccine timeline that is appropriate for your pet’s age, health, and lifestyle so they can continue to live the best possible life by your side.

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Why Should I Vaccinate My Pet?

Vaccinating your pet provides protection for them and for you and your family. It can prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases (transmittable between animals and humans), and help your best friend stay the happy, healthy companion you know and love. Rather than dealing with a costly treatment, you can stop some illnesses before they start, or at the very least, reduce the severity of the symptoms so your pet can recover more quickly.

Vaccines We Offer in Abilene

Our vaccines for dogs and cats are formulated specifically to each species. There are vaccines we recommend for all pets, and some vaccines we recommend based on your pet’s health background and lifestyle.

Below are the cat and dog vaccines we offer:

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Which Vaccines are Essential for Dogs and Cats?

We highly recommend our rabies vaccine for all dogs and cats. Due to the unique risks in our area, we recommend your pets be vaccinated for rabies once a year. Other vaccines and the timeline in which they are given are advised based on your pet’s lifestyle and risk of exposure. Our team of knowledgeable veterinarians will collaborate with you to construct a vaccine timeline that best suits your pet’s needs.

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We know pets are an important part of the family and protecting them from serious illness is vital to ensuring they maintain their overall health. Vaccinating your pet is key to preventing illness and infectious diseases from affecting not only your pets, but you and your family, too. If you have any questions about vaccinating your pet, the team at Dearing Veterinary Clinic is happy to help.

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